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Your Driver’s Licence Is Just A Click Away!

10% off road test + training  packages till July 30.






It seems every school is the "best", with a 90%-100% passing rate! Offering 43% insuance discounts. These claims are dubious and disingenous. Are they unique, trustworthy, deserving of your patronage?  Beyond the "MTO/gov't approved status", there are a few things that set schools apart:


​1. Years in business (we have provided quality instructions for 30 yrs)


2. Cost of Training (we are not the costliest, definitely not the cheapest)


3. Expertise of Training  (we train deaf drivers, students with anxiety disorders, others can't)


Chose your driver's education provider with a critical mind. It is important!


Driving 101 Driving School serves Toronto, Etobicoke and surrounding areas.  MTO approved BDE course provider for over 25 years.

Driving 101 Driving School has the dedication and patience to train deaf students too.  We are uniquely qualified to train all students. We have the expertise to train deaf students and understand the special requirements of drivers with attention deficit disorder(ADD). We have successfully trained many over the years. We have an approach that emphasizes their strength. With repetitive patience, we find that ADD drivers can drive just as safely as anyone else.

We are very qualified.

Driving 101 Driving School is unique. We train regular students as well as DEAF DRIVER and STUDENTS WITH ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER (ADD). Schools claiming to be the "best" do not accept these students. What does this mean for you? It means we do not shy away from the difficult cases. It means we can train you! You can't teach deaf/ADD students unless you are PATIENT!  We have the patience to train these special students, we have the patience for regular, hearing ones!


Driving 101 Driving School provides driving lessons in Toronto, Etobicoke, and surrounding areas.

Expert Driver

The Gallery of Driving 101 Driving School!

At Driving 101 Driving School, we have the best driving instructors to give you the best driving lessons in Toronto. We are holding an impressive 90% passing rate in Toronto, Etobicoke, and surrounding areas. Check our Gallery of cars, offices and drivers here. Click the button to register for our driving courses today.


Special Promotional G2/G Road Tests !! See Promotion page for details. Click below.

MTO Approved Driving Course

MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Course

Deaf  Student

We Train  Deaf  Students Too

Senior Driver

Senior Driver
Re-qualification  Coaching


Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to become safe and confident drivers. But don't just take our word for it; hear what our students have to say about their experiences with us!

-Roman Bobel


​​Joseph did a great job helping me to fight my habits after 11 years of driving in another country and to adapt to local standards and requirements. He pays attention only to necessary and important things. Thanks to his assistance I'm a happy guy with a G license

-Kim H


I took lessons from this school recently. Very upfront with costs and what they do. Very happy with the technical lessons. Correct a lot of my driving behaviors from back home. Very professional. I would recommend them.

-Christopher Phelps


Good customer service at the desk. As far as the drive test..They need to have the course they intend to use properly built for the material they plan to test. if not properly inform the testing person of things they are suppose to be imagining things. 40-60$ is what they charge to basically fail you for not

Expect Respect!

we support an all inclusive environment free of discriminatory practices. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Female Driving Instructor


Home Work: Day I

Due: Next class.

Please answer the following questions:


1. In your own words explain the demerit point system. Give 10 infractions and how many demerit points it will cost the driver for each one.


2. Briefly explain the safety standards certificate and the emission test.

3. Explain the legal consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol.......

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