There is a non refundable fee of $95 for BDE and per each individual packages 1&2. $70 for others. Promo, discounted items are non-refundable/transferable. Allow 3-5 days for refund to appear on your credit card once processed after 15 working days. 50% school test fee is charged to you if Drivetest centre unilaterally cancels test on test day for any reasons.

Lessons less than 4 will be priced individually.  Packages up to 10 lessons and any test must be done within 1 year of signup.

$20 book fee extra    **pls inquire about eligibility

Each lesson is 50mins driving+10mins Discussion. Lessons may be shortened if necessary with missing time carried forward.

Lessons must be cancelled 48 hrs in advance.  Double lessons cancellation will be charged as a single.                                   Road tests confirmed and reserved 30 working days in advance are non-refundable. $25 test booking fee applies.

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