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MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Course

MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Course

Trained  Deaf  Students

 We Train  Deaf  Students

Senior Driver Re-qualification Coaching

Senior Driver Re-qualification Coaching




MTO Approved BDE Certificate Course

BDE ONLINE COURSE (CARS eLearning) -30 hours online work@your pace from home -10 lessons in car expert coaching -
free pick up/drop offs** -Insurance certification upon successful completion -CERTIFICATION FEE INCLUDED ​

 -Click here for in person class scheduling/location info

*$695+ hst

MTO Approved BDE Course

Provider Over 30 yrs

10 in Car Lessons

10 in Car Lessons

-10 sessions in car expert coaching -free pick up/drop offs** -use of car for
test extra      

$482 + tx 

8 in Car Lessons

8 in Car Lessons

-10 sessions in car expert coaching -free pick up/drop offs** -use of car for test extra

$401 + tx 



6 in Car Lessons

6 in Car Lessons

-6 sessions in car expert coaching -free pick up/drop offs** -use of car for test extra    

$306 + tx 

4 in Car Lessons

4 in Car Lessons

-4 sessions in car expert coaching -free pick up/drop offs** -use of car for test extra      

$209 + tx 



1lession@$57 (Min. first appt. 2 lessions@$114)  G2/G road test service  $195/$220  

(Book/Use of car for test with 4 lessons min.) -pls add HST, gov't fees not included

Additional Road Test Services

Additional Road Test Services

Oakville, Mississauga, Downsview, Metro East Brampton

G2 $195     G $220

(Book/Use of car for test with 4 lessons min.)
all other cities, please inquire -pls add HST +
gov't fees not included

Senior Re-qualification Training

Current MTO regulation requires that seniors 70+ who have been involved in a collision to pass a G class road test. This test has a highway component. Seniors aged 80+ must attend a Licence Renewal Session every two years. This involves a 90mins education session, vision test, driving record review, and the completion of two spatial/cognitive abilities tests. The outcome of this session may require you to also complete a G2 class road test to keep your driving privileges. The prospect of losing the freedom that comes with your driving privileges is extremely stressful for some. We have helped many seniors over the years to go through this procedure as stress free as possible. You don't have to go through it alone. We can help! We have two programs. A classroom workshop to help you with the Licence Renewal Session, and on the road retraining to update/correct your skills to pass the G2/G road tests.

Senior Refresher Workshop

This is a 3 hour workshop to prepare you for the licence renewal session. It will alleviate a lot of stess because you will know what to expect from the licence renewal process. Topics discused in the workshop are: -the 5 keys to defensive driving how aging affects your ability to drive safely and  measures you can employ updates on the rules of the road -the two spatial/cognitive tests you will be given -strategies to passing the G2/G roadtests should you be  required to do one-workshops are normally the last Sunday of every month,  from 3-6pm please contact us prior

Senior Refresher Workshop

$125 plus HST 


Senior In Car Driving Sessions

If you are required to pass a G2 or G class roadtest, it is in your best interest to get in car lessons to update your driving skill. You don't have to take the test unless you are prepared. Our expert instructors will patiently coach you to correct and update your driving skill. You will be a much safer driver for your efforts! ​ Please contact us so that we can assess your unique situation. We will advise you on a course of action along with costs. ​

Driving Lessons for Deaf Students

Driving 101 Driving School is proud to offer driving lessons to deaf and the hard of hearing students. Our deaf students will be treated with the same respect and courtesy we extend to our hearing students. You are guaranteed an environment of understanding and patience. This is what makes Driving 101 driving school unique. In line with Driving 101's non-discriminatory practices, deaf students will not be charged more for driving lessons. Please contact us.

Cancellation fee applies: Lessons done + canceled lessons + $35 for BDE ($275 if online started) and training package #1. $25 for others. Promo, discounted items are non-refundable/transferable. Refunds processed after 15 business days (No refunds processed Nov. 20 to Jan. 10)  50% school test fee is charged if DriveTest cancel test on test day.  PACKAGES MUST BE COMPLETED IN 220 YRS MAX (BDE within 1 year to remain certifiable). 2.99% Credit card charge back processeing fee applies. Lessons less than 4 will be priced individually. *BDE online course can be done without car lessons and no insurance certification ($275). 25% return fee for gift certificates/invoices. **Dixon to LakeShore. No pickup East of ParkLawn on Lakeshore. No refunds on express BDE Courses 30 days to start date. Lessons are 50m (BDE: 60m: 50 mins driving+10m discussion). Lessons may be shortened if necessary with time carried forward. Lessons must be cancelled 24hrs in advance.  Double lessons canceled will be charged as a single. Road test fee is non-refundable 30 days to test day. We reserve the right to provide refunds and refuse services for personal and safety reasons at any time. Non-refundable $25 test booking/car reservation fee applies. Terms and conditions may change without notice.

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