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Driving School in Toronto


Story of Us...

It seems every school is the "best", with a 90%-100% passing rate! Offering 43% insuance discounts. These claims are dubious and disingenous. Are they unique, trustworthy, deserving of your patronage?  Beyond the "MTO/gov't approved status", quick courses, etc, there are little that set schools apart. 

MTO Approved BDE Course Provider    30 yrs

Driving School in Toronto,

Etobicoke Ontario.

Driving 101 Driving School serves Toronto, Etobicoke and surrounding areas.  MTO approved BDE course provider for over 25 years.

1.  Driving 101 has the dedication and patience to train deaf students. That means we can certainly train the regular, hearing ones!  We are uniquely qualified.


2.  We are the referral of choice for deaf students. Difficult cases are turned away by schools claiming to be the "best". We have the expertise to train anyone, regardless of circumstances


3.  We understand the special requirements of students with attention deficit disorder(ADD). We have successfully trained many over the years. We have an approach that emphasizes their strength. With repetitive patience, we find that ADD drivers can drive just as safely as anyone else.


4.  Driving 101 Driving School is the only school we know of that has a defined, written refund policy.

Driving 101 Driving School is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for consumer satisfaction. 

5.  Driving 101's driving instructors have at least 25+yrs of experience, teaching in Toronto and Etobicoke. True experts in their profession.


6.  Our in class teachers have univerisity degees. Our present teacher has over 22 yrs of classroom experience.


7. We allow you to enroll and audit an in class to help you decide if you should commit.


8.  Driving 101 Driving School has financial aid for students on social assisstance, the disabled and seniors.


We do our part to earn your trust. 

We hope we can be right for you.

We look forward to being your driving coach! We are ready when you are!


Driving 101 Driving School provides free pick up and drops offs. We have weekend and 4 day courses. 

We are very qualified.

Driving 101 Driving school is unique. We train regular students as well as DEAF DRIVER AND STUDENTS WITH ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER (ADD).  Schools claiming to be the "best" do not accept these students. What does this mean for you? It means we do not shy away from the difficult cases. It means we can train you! You can't teach deaf/ADD students unless you are PATIENT!  We  have the patience to train these  

special students, we have the patience for regular, hearing ones!

Driving 101 Driving School provides driving lessons in Toronto, Etobicoke and surrounding areas.

Driving Classes in Toronto
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