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Driving Lessons Toronto by Driving 101 Driving School


Frequently asked questions

Q)  What kind of training do you provide at your school?

A)  We offer advanced in car as well as theoretical classes for full insurance certification. We also offer road test services. We will book as well as take you to the test. Tests can be done in Toronto or outside Toronto. We also offer training to deaf students as well as students with ADD.

Q)     How do you train deaf students and hard of hearing drivers?

A) We use a combination of American sign language as well as communication on paper. This job takes a tremendous amount of patience and dedication, two factors critical to the success of deaf driver training. We are specialists in this field. This approach also allows us to effectively train ADD drivers.

Q)    Are your instructors qualified?

A)  We wouldn't enjoy the success we have without the assistance of highly-skilled professionals in this field. Each of our instructor have a minimum of 25 yrs of teaching experience. Our in class instructors hold university degrees, posses international experience and is also a decorated member of our military.

Q)    What sets Driving101 Driving School apart from other driving schools?

A)   Our highly skilled training staff as well as exceptional commitment to the difficult cases in driver training. We train deaf students as well as ADD students. We believe that all members of society should be able to drive well and safely.

Q)   Is Driving 101 Driving School approved by MTO for insurance discounts?

A)   Driving 101 Driving School had been approved for almost 30 years. This is a reflection of our dedication to service and quality of education.

Q)   Do you provide pick-up and drop-off?

A)   Yes you will be picked up and dropped off for Etobicoke and most surrounding areas. Please inquire for specifics.

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