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DRIVING 101 Sample Question Set-10 Version-1

DRIVING 101 Final Examination Version 1 1) Which of the following has the least effect on the fuel efficiency of a vehicle? a) Tire pressure b) Vehicle brand name c) Number of engine cylinders d) Weight of the vehicle 2) Idling of a vehicle wastes fuel. After how many seconds of idling does it waste more fuel than it takes to shut the engine off and re-start it? a) 3 seconds b) 10 seconds c) 15 seconds d) 30 seconds 3) As a responsible driver, if you are the first to arrive on the scene of a collision, you should: a) Stop and protect the scene. b) Survey the injured. c) Call for help. d) All of the above. 4) What special considerations must a driver give when turning corners at night? a) Due to the shorter sight distance, it is necessary to slow down b) Let your eyes follow the headlight and maintain speed c) Turn on your high beams for greater visibility and cover your brake d) Use the centre line of the road as a steering guide Page 1

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