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DRIVING 101 Sample Question Set-12 Version-1

DRIVING 101 Final Examination Version 1 10) Which level of law specifically deals with impaired driving? a) Municipal level b) Provincial level c) Federal level d) All of the above 11) If a person is going to drink and drive, the best advice to give is: a) Stop drinking about an hour before driving b) Don't drink at all unless you are a very experienced driver c) Stick to one drink an hour d) Drink coffee and get plenty of fresh air before driving 12) As a host, what responsibility do you have to prevent someone from driving who is impaired? a) If they are over the age of 18, I have no responsibility whatsoever b) I should consider restraining them from driving if they are carrying passengers c) I have a moral responsibility to restrict the driving of any guest who is impaired d) I have no responsibility for the actions of others 13) What other physical impairment, other than drugs, is extremely dangerous when driving? a) Emotional stress b) Hunger fatigue c) Fatigue d) Deafness Page 3

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