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DRIVING 101 Sample Question Set-9 Version-1

DRIVING 101 Mid-Term Test Version 2 22) Driving today is a difficult task. You must thing about: a) Speed control and space around you. b) Looking and steering c) Weather and road conditions. d) All of the above. 23) On a roadway when traffic is moving in both directions, in what position must you be before making a left turn? a) Close to the right hand side of the road b) Close to the left side of the road c) Immediately to the right of the centre line of the roadway d) Does not matter provided you signal 24) When you are driving down the street and another driver cuts you off. Now, you get angry and you should: a) Stay calm an ignore him. b) Get even with the other driver and pay that driver back by cutting off. c) Call the police and report the incident. d) Follow the driver home and tell what you think of his/her action. 25) The two reasons why young drivers are more likely to have collisions are: a) Loss of steering control and following other vehicles too closely. b) Inexperience and an immature attitude. c) Speeding and failure to yield the right of way. d) Failing to signal and braking too quickly. Page 5

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