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DRIVING 101 Sample Question Set-13 Version-1

DRIVING 101 Final Examination Version 1 14) A driver who is angry or emotionally upset should: a) Try to forget his/her problems while driving b) Slow down and take time to relax c) Allow for a cooling off period before driving d) Take a drive to relax 15) Emotions can be: a) Contagious b) Temporary c) Controlled d) All of the above 16) Which of the following would help to reduce highway hypnosis? a) Wear comfortable clothing b) Take a coffee or walking break every hour c) Keep your eyes moving, your mind mentally alert, and be well rested d) All of the above 17) When is an icy road likely to be the most dangerous? a) When the ice is melting b) When you are the first to drive on the icy surface c) When ice is frozen solid d) When temperature is close to zero Celsius 18) When winter weather conditions begin, what is the greatest single contributing factor to motor vehicle collision? a) Drivers do not adjust their speed to road conditions b) Vehicles are not properly equipped for winter conditions c) The road surfaces are not always cleared of ice and snow d) The tires are not inflated to the correct pressure Page 4

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