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DRIVING 101 Sample Question Set-14 Version-1

DRIVING 101 Final Examination Version 1 19) During your driving career you will almost certainly encounter many mechanical problems. The two most common are: a) Engine failure to produce power b) A flat tire and a dead battery c) Transmission fails to produce speed d) Brakes fail to operate 20) Although many types of tires have been developed over the years, manufacturers are now concentrated on a new type. Which of the following types fit into that category? a) Regular tires with deep tread b) Snow tires with special tread c) Radial metric type tires with all weather tread d) Belted bias tire with a deep tread 21) There's no real possibility of danger when you're changing a flat tire. a) True b) False 22) What is the main purpose and functions of the battery? a) To hold the charge of electricity from the alternator and store it for future use b) To supply electrical energy to the starter motor c) To store electrical power which allows you to start the engine, operate the lights, gauges, and other devices on the car d) To operate the lights and electrical gauges on the car Page 5

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