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DRIVING 101 Sample Question Set-11 Version-1

DRIVING 101 Final Examination Version 1 5) What should you do to maintain the same degree of safety in your night driving as in your day driving? a) increase your space cushion b) wear tinted glasses to reduce glare c) drive close to the centre of the road d) keep your eyes directed slightly to the left side of the road 6) When approaching an oncoming car at night, your headlights should be on: a) High beam b) Low beam c) It doesn't matter 7) More than half of all traffic deaths in Canada involve alcohol or drugs. a) True b) False 8) Alcohol affects the way a person drives mainly through its effects on: a) Judgment & Co-ordination b) Reaction time c) Perception d) All of the above 9) A glass of wine, a mixed drink, and a beer all have the same effect on the body. a) True b) False Page 2

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